How Dangoestate Works for Investors

A simple, transparent investing process.

5 Easy steps to earn up to 10% with Dangoestate

1. 30-Second Sign Up

Signing up is easy and commitment-free. Gain instant access to our pre-vetted real estate investment opportunities, useful portfolio management tools and professional resources.

2. View and Choose Curated, Pre-Vetted Projects

Build your portfolio from our curated, pre-screened Real Estate projects. You can view full financials, photos, appraisals, and documents related to that project all on one page.

3. Transfer Funds

Deposit funds via Perfect Money or Bitcoin. You can also get a transfer of funds from an existing Dango estate investor. Accounts are secured by bank-level security measures and your investment information is stored on PCI-compliant, encrypted storage systems

4. Invest

 Finalizing your investment takes less than sixty seconds and we've streamlined the process to ensure future investments take half that. Choose the property that you would like to fund based on your capital and the daily rate of return you would love to earn.

5. Earn up to 10%, Receive Daily Distributions, and Monitor the Progress of Your Projects.

Every day you receive a distribution directly into your account. Get real-time reports on your current and past investments as well as the ability to reinvest your funds into new projects.

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